I created a new Firefox extension for http://www.url.vg that is a no frills, "copy this shortened link to the clipboard" type deal. You can mouse over an HREF link and select Send Link to clipboard, which will make a call to url.vg, get the shortened url and add that to your clipboard so you can paste it anything you're working on. You can also just right click a page to get the address bar address shortened. Its very lightweight and fast.

some features of http://www.url.vg

# Shortened URLs include the original domain name so you know where your going before you click on the link.
# An optional additional form which is a slightly longer more descriptive URL which includes more information about the URL.
# Link statistics (See where a link points too, how many times it was viewed, and when it was last viewed)
# A Firefox extension which makes it so easy to use, my grandmother could make URL.vg links (assuming I could get her off IE). With the extension installed, it’s a simple matter of right clicking and selecting “Copy Link Location - (URL.vg shortened)” from the context menu and the shortened version is now in the clipboard ready for pasting into your IM /Email / whatever.

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