I'm suprised I haven't seen any sites dedicated to "adsense bombing" yet. As I was looking at my adsense stats today I noticed it was particularly higher than most days as far as clicks. Which lead me to a thought about having a site called "Make Them Rich". On this site you would just have a link to a site-of-the-day where everyone is encouraged to click on that site's google ads. Through viral word of mouth if you had half a million people visiting per day each following the creedo of clicking on the site of the day's adsense ads you'd have one shocked person to find 500,000 clicks and a 100% click through rate the next morning :)

some thoughts...
1. would google actually pay them ?
2. if so, might be nice to do it for charity sites or helpful sites like tutorial sites, etc.
3. would google attempt to seek legal action?
4. If it were to become large enough you could actually skew statistics for the entire online advertising sector

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