Version 0.6.5 of the MyBic PHP/AJAX framework was released today on sourceforge ([url][/url]). It's been 3 months since the last update which shows that MyBic is quickly approaching the 1.0 release version which means it will be stable enough for use in all types of production systems. It is currently being used in several enterprise companies at the moment and is being used in desktop like ajax applications as well. Thanks to all who help make MyBic that much better!

Here are some of the enhancements/changes made:

1. added loadCSS method that allows you to add stylesheets at runtime
IE ajaxObj.loadCSS('css/mystyle.css');
this will allow you to keep your style sheets smaller and only include them when your ajax application requires them.

2. fixed bug 1501299 - abort timeout not working when requests are queued. If you have multiple requests in the queue then the default timeout was being reset.

3. fixed issue where format and method weren't being used if the
requests were queued. Once a queued request was fired off the
mehod and format would go back to the defaults.

4. mybic_server.php now supports either using the mybic_json.php
file OR omar Kilani's C based JSON extension. If you have the
extension installed mybic will automatically use the PHP
Extension which should get you an 85x performance increase over
using the non extension version that comes with the default mybic

5. added ability to stop ajax calls until a certain piece of functionality finishes. for example if your callback function has to execute before any other ajax calls are made you can now stop and restart mybic by doing this:

// some js code that takes a long time

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