So I just had a birthday recently and got some gift cards. One of the gift cards was to boaters world, which sell marine supplies. There isn't one all that close to me so I was hoping to be able to use this gift card online. After not finding any information on their website I decided to call....

"ring ring ring"
Hello? May I have your name and telephone number please?
me: actually I just had a quick question...
me: I got a gift card as a gift and I was wondering if I can use it online or over the phone?
You have gift card? (puzzled)
me: yes, a gift card to boaters world.
So you buy at store?
me: ummm no, I received it as a gift. I don't know where it came from
So you got the gift card at the store? (still puzzled)
me: ummm no, I just said I got it as a gift
hmmm so which store did you get it from?
me: (thinking WTF lady) did you hear when I said I got it as a gift and I don't know?
well you'll have to use it at the store you got it from
me: (click hang up)

seriously people wtf

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