I recently got an upgrade from work to an intel macbook pro. So there I go, starting to set up my favorite programs when all the sudden WTF? Zend Studio Server doesn't run on intel macs. Huh? Hasn't every program in the world been changed to work on intel macs now? The only reason I was still using this bloated application was for remote debugging php scripts in ajax calls. It's so slow I really can't use it on a full time basis. I use textmate for that purpose.

So there I was in disbelief that I couldn't use my x hundreds of dollar program on my new mac. So the search began... what could I use to debug scripts like Zend? It was then, out of the fog came a beacon of light...Komodo. I found an amazing post here: http://www.sysarchitects.com/node/22
that explained exactly how to get debugging working in Komodo. I was sold. I fired it up, did all the configuration and away I went. It's so much more nimble than Zend Studio. I haven't really dug into all the advanced features but it does exactly what I need. I might even start using it on a more full time basis.

If you're a php developer and haven't used a debugger you're missing out on solving problems instantly. While others fumble around, var_dump'ing and echo'ing out statements. I set a breakpoint, see the problem, fix it in 30 seconds. It's a shame Zend didn't embrace Studio more and actually try and make a decent product out of it. It had so much potential. Farewell my old friend.

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