A guy at my work was noticing my comfortable footrest I had under my desk. He had recently hurt his back and need to improve his comfort level at work. He then went on to request a footrest from our manager. Here is the response our director received afterwards:

"Good Afternoon, Tom, An ergonomic assessment was recently completed for Andrew Curry by Michael Stateman. It has been determined that the employee needs a foot rest. Please have Andrew purchase/order this item in the way your department usually orders office supplies."

WTF??? an "ergonomic assessment" for a $20 piece of plastic? I don't want to even calculate how much money it really costs when you add up the "ergonomic assessment" time. Time a developer has to explain to some idiot why he wants a foot rest, some idiot to look at his posture, the director to have to even waste time reading the email. It just became a $400 item. This is why big companies fall. They become so big, bloated and slow, everything is a process and a pain. It is the cycle that allows small, hungry, agile companies to come bite them in the ass.

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