PHP Meet FireBug - PHP Debugging for the Web 2.0 World

I put together a couple pieces of technology to give the PHP community a debugger/profiler that should make life easier in the "web2.0" world. Are you tired of echo'ing print statements in your ajax calls? Writing to log files? Firing up big ol debuggers just to see what the value of some array is? Well look no further than the new MyBic PHP Debugger.

It prints to the screen, it writes to log files and yes folks, it can send data from the server to firebug. All you need is the MyBic firefox extension and firebug installed. It can read in an xml file directly, render objects as trees, multidimensional arrays, etc. It has a profiler so you can write profile statements to try and spot bottlenecks that might be in your scripts.

You do not have to use the mybic ajax framework to use this debugger. They are completely separate for now. The debugger will work in php4 and php5 and will be included in the "debugger" directory of the mybic download.

I plan on launching version 0.01 sometime in the next week or two. I look forward to all the suggestions that can help make it a truly valuable tool for php developers. You'll be able to hook this into your local network and get real time data from your servers streamed right to your firebug console. Watch what your users do live.

[size=20]SCREEN CAST![/size]

Here are some pictures.....

[size=15] How about sending your system processes to firebug??? [/size] You can virtually now send any data to firebug.


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