So I had a little wiggle room in the budget and one of the things I wanted to do was to improve the team's knowledge level. I contracted out training and consulting with several firms the first of which is MySQL(sun microsystems). I wanted an onsite developer training course for a week. Seemed simple enough at the time, how hard could getting training be I already had the approval from the higher ups to go ahead. Here is the process I had to go through.......

1. Contact MySQL to put together a training package, work out costs, requirements, etc...
2. Get Statement of Work from MySQL to start the process on our side... ok everything is fine so far
3. SOW has to go through procurement (2 weeks), they start looking over all those "terms & conditions" pages that we all usually ignore, they make tweaks to justify salaries
4. Legal gets involved to help justify their salaries as well, giving blessing to Sun's terms and conditions.
5. SOW goes back to originating department for approval of new terms
6. SOW goes back to procurement to issue a PO number
7. Now with a PO number we can finally schedule the training session
8. Now with the date booked, email goes out to management for approval on lunches for the week for the devs and training
9. Need to find out who is in charge of the training room bookings, found the person, booked the training room for the week
10. Lunches OK'd now need to find the person who will be ordering/paying/managing the lunches for the week
11. Found the person, worked out where we can order from locally, assign the task of working with this person to one of the developers cause I don't have time for all this crap :)
12. Need to get trainer access for the week, have to start NDA and Badge process
13. Work with several different departments, first department sets up the NDA that the training will have to sign on arrival, had to fill out paperwork
14. Second department deals with badge access, need to fill out paper work for trainer's visit and define when and where trainer should have building access
15. Building access needs to be approved by higher ups
16. Third department deals with the laptop that the trainer will bring. Their laptop will need to be kept track of since it's not a Panasonic issued laptop.

that's about as far as I've gotten so far. Hopefully those are the last hoops I have to jump through. The sad thing is I have to go through all this for 5 more vendors in the next two months :(

A week later I was informed by legal that Sun/MySql's badge access was not approved. *SIGH* I had to be the one to tell them that MySql was here and gone and thanks for the timely response. They replied "WHO AUTHORIZED THIS???". I never replied at that was the end of it. "Security Theatre".

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