Thank you for doing things right.

What are your choices for "legal" online music these days? iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody to name a few top players. How do they like to deliver your music? Through proprietary encoding formats that cannot be played in the devices you want it played in. I figured by now these asshats would have gotten it right as allofmp3 does. Give me a choice of kbs and the format I want it in, mp3 for example, and leave me the hell alone. Don't tell me I can only burn your song 5 times, don't tell me I cannot transfer my song anywhere I want and don't charge me the same amount of money as a real CD.

A album in a store costs around $10.00 on average, an album online costs $10.00. Ummm seriously people WTF? How about passing the savings on to the consumer? No packaging, distribution costs, art design...all you have to do is push some cover art and a file. You still expect me to believe it still costs $10.00 an album? Online music will continue to suck until they come up with a realistic model of purchasing music. I don't mind buying music, but don't tell me how I can use it. I buy a cd in a store and I can play it wherever I want. I can burn it to mp3s and transfer them wherever I want. THATS WHAT WE WANT. Don't waste money on programmers to come up with clever DRM techniques to use. If you charged reasonable prices and gave me mp3s you wouldn't have the piracy problem you have today. You were late to the market and now you're still reactive, not proactive and you will continue to lose. Suing your customers is ludicrous, nice work on that. I guess when you have more lawyers than talent this is what we get(thanks harvard).

So far I've spent around $200 on and love every minute of it. If you take it away from me, then I'll go back to file sharing.

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