check that shit out. Using the same technology that real estate agents use for showing 3d models of the houses this company shows you what might be the wave of the future when it comes to website interaction. Pretty damn cool

Soooooooooo we have a guy at my work doing photoshop lessons during lunch this week and yesterday was photo retouching. Photoshop CS just rocks. I learned a few new tips and tricks that will definatley help out with my photos. Here's the best one I learned.. working with levels. When you add a level adjustment layer, hold down the ALT key while moving the triagles left to right and you'll see things getting highlighted. Those are areas of detail you're going to lose. Just keep moving them until you cut out what you want and stop when your subject starts to get cut off.

Here is an AMAZING before/after photo retouch -> roll your mouse over it

How many emails have you gotten telling you about the next great stock tip? This guy compiled a list of every stock he's gotten in a spam email and lists how much you would have lost if you invested in them... pretty funny

Ohhh how nice that carnival cruise line was, donating 3 ships for the Katrina victims…

They’re getting $236 Million dollars for it which translates to $1299.00 per week per person…

Are you addicted to logging into your Google Adsense account like me? Well let firefox take care of it for you. I came across this sweet plugin that shows you the current adsense stats of your account in the bottom bar of firefox

Interesting post I found here which describes a test they did with a website that had 20 levels deep of nested tables each with a unique statement. Looks like google and msn both went the 20 levels deep to read the code. Good news for me as my ad sites are deeply nested ;)

One big problem with AJAX is that you don't want to incorporate AJAX into your webapp if it might endanger your google ranking. For example you wouldn't want to use AJAX to fetch searchable content on a public site because googlebot does not do the javascript thing.

One good place to get away with AJAX is on article comments or blog comments, googlebot isn't going to be posting data on your site so if you use javascript for this feature you win the useablity battle and don't lose the search engine battle. Keep your content searchable and javascript free. Makes everybody happy. I'm incorporating this into some new sites I'm launching and when they're up I'll post a link with some code. Here is what I'm doing...

User views an article, wishes to post a comment. They fill out name, email, msg and click submit which launches a POST to my server page in PHP and that validates the input and returns success or errors if invalid input. If input is valid it uses the javascript DOM manipulation methods and creates a new element at the top of the comment list with the user's information.

thought this was funny:

one of my children?

Joe was in line at the supermarket yesterday when he noticed a rather

If you're a developer working with apache and have multiple folders in your web root for clients project you really need to make use of virtual hosts. A virtual host allows you to type in and map that to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\clients\clienta and the same with and map that to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\clients\old\clientB

in your browser you can just type in and you're all set. So here's how to do it in 30 seconds on windows

First thing we need to do is edit our hosts file to tell it when you type in that address where to go so open up in notepad:

Just saw an interesting video and article on how fast it takes for a windows XP system with no firewall or virus scanner to be attacked. The result... 8 seconds.

Video included