Can you type without looking at the keyboard ever? This could be for you!

a keyboard with no writing on it, no letters or numbers :)

Just saw the new writeup Zend did on an interview I did with them about the ZCE program.

The people I hate worse than spammers? The stupid dumb motherfuckers that buy products spammers sell, the dumb hillbillies who click on links in spam emails. Ohhh and lets not forget the rocket scientists who think a prince in nigeria wants to give them $10 million dollars for $1000. Spam is nuts these days because its profitable, when its not profitable its over.

Every day I have to delete spam comments on here from shitty online poker sites. grrrrrrr

so here's a toast to you, dumb ass mofo that buys internet viagra, ass face that looks up high school sweethearts, prick to cheap to go to vegas to play poker.

As my development team grows and grows I'm curious at what point things get lost. Management has to keep track of more and more individual developers trying to keep up to date with them on project status, timelines, customer issues, etc. Wikis are great for managing knowledge, however its a login, then surf around type of system. I saw my managers inbox one day and couldn't believe how many emails he got in a day, how could he keep track of what my team is up to if he has to get through 2000 messages just to see my status. Why not help him out and aggregate all that information into one place and save him the email space.

What would help keep track of developers? An RSS subscription system perhaps. Picture this... you fire off an email to: A script on the email server parses the subject and body of the email and transforms that into an RSS item with TITLE and DESCRIPTION which gets added to your personal RSS feed. Your manager/project manager then subscribes to developers or other employees personal feeds, open a browser based RSS reader and get a quick update on who is doing what.

Not only could this be valuable to individuals but projects as well, subscribing to project RSS feeds internally to see what is actively being done on your project. How about for large companies like Yahoo, Google, etc where developers probably have no idea what each other is up to. How cool would it be to subscribe to developers RSS feeds in another city to see what other people are working on.

Apparently the soap ext does not support stream context. So you cannot use some of the nice SSL features such as the ones listed here:

It would be nice if we had

This could turn out to be pretty handy!

WSDigger is a free open source tool designed by Foundstone to automate black-box web services security testing (also known as penetration testing). WSDigger is more than a tool, it is a web services testing framework. Version one of this framework contains sample attack plug-ins for SQL injection, cross site scripting and XPATH injection attacks. A web service vulnerable to XPATH injection is provided as an example with the tool. By releasing the framework as an open-source tool, users are encouraged to develop and share their own plug-ins.

From the files of "undocumented features of SOAP" You can also set object properties like:



Ok as you've seen below I have been working with the new PHP5 SOAP extension and its a frightening mix of undocumented features, crashes and bugs. I'm getting scared to deploy this in an enterprise environment. I feel like the soap extension beta tester. This is only from working with the SOAP client so far. Just wait til I get to the SOAP server! The speed is definately a huge bonus so I'm looking forward to getting stable. So hopefully we can work out these little issues and really do some load testing on it :O

<-- keeps fingers crossed

This is an undocumented (at the moment) piece of functionality that is critical if you're trying to use the SOAP extension over SSL.

In addition to making sure the open_ssl.dll extension is uncommented in php.ini you also need to add a property to the object

so if $client is your SOAP object you need to do

For anyone using the PHP5 soap extension and trying to write your own wrapper class around it, you may come across this error "Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0" if you try and store your SOAP object in a session variable like