I just popped over to http://www.fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/ to see their latest DBDesigner4 modeling tool and its quite lovely.

For example you connect to your mysql database of choice choose DATABASE->Reverse Engineer and you get a UML mockup of your database.

check out a screenshot here http://www.fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/screenshot_image.php?screenshot=dbd4_ss_simplemodel.png

I was recently involved in what turned out to be a security flame war about encryption and what fields to encrypt in a database.

To me my name, address, and phone number are just as important to me as my credit card number. I'm sure there are people out there who feel the same way. With the advent of programs like PHPMyAdmin managing more and more mySQL databases out there the chances of your personal information being exposed are increased. Imagine this... a dating website you're on stores every possible nook and cranny about you, your name, address, phone number, favorite activities, any blogging about yourself you've done. Then a vulnerability in PHPMyAdmin pops up and with ease people are cracking into the dating site's database, downloading the database to sell to the highest bidder. In reality google "/phpmyadmin/index.php" and run a dictionary attack against the top fortyresults. I'd bet you'd get into one or two.

Now what if your Name, Address, Phone were encrypted as are SS#'s and Credit Card numbers. Now that database is pretty useless to someone because its YOU that makes the data valuable. Your personal information is valuable enough for people to waste their time to steal it. They dont care that sdlfkj4909wuslkdjvnvslkj lives in Los Angeles, CA they want to know John Smith lives at 555 oak St in Los Angeles, CA

I wrote this handy tutorial over the weekend after studying for the zend exam and realizing there aren't many easy to understand tutorials regarding how to send HTML email with JPG/JPEG attachments. If any has any problems with it or wants to add some tips, let me know and I'll take a look. :)

Topics it covers:

Creating a simple HTML email

I'm about 22 days into my 30 day Zend Studio trial and must say there is no way I can live without this tool. I've dabbled in previous versions are there was always something that kinda bugged me that kept me in text editors like ultraedit. Having a tool built for PHP is quite amazing. Its basically like having a PHP version of Visual Studio.net. Here are some of my favorite features:


if you're a serious PHP developer you NEED this. Being able to set a breakpoint on a line and see an expandable tree of an object you created with its properties and methods filled with data is downright dreamy. No more var_dumps, print_r's or whatever other hacks you've created. The only thing I haven't really gotten into yet is using the Zend Server to debug authenticated applications, but that'll come soon once I start using it in production.

Mr. D forwarded this to me:

An old Arab lived close to New York City for more than 40 years. He

would have loved to plant potatoes in his garden, but he is alone,

I've checked out a few smarty template packages and noticed that you'd really have to be a programmer to be able to use this thing..



I had the chance to start playing around with the new PHP5 Soap Extension the other day and was dissapointed on a couple fronts:

1. If you use a WSDL file you cannot manually set an endpoint, so endpoints are directly tied to a wsdl file. Works for most maybe but at the enterprise level when you're distributing applications the endpoint could be in a configuration file to point to somewhere local in the network. NuSoap supports this feature.

2. The Soap Extension does not support generating a WSDL for you, NuSoap supports this feature


google is launching new functionality in their toolbar ala "smart tags" of microsoft old. It will basically scan for information on your webpage and hot link it back to googles site. Right now its addresses, isbn numbers, things like that but in the future I'm sure it will be linked to ads.

This is the going public downfall that was predicted for google, gotta satisfy wall street, gotta get revenue up.