I'm proud to announce to official 1.0.0 release of the MyBic AJAX framework. MyBic has been stable in production for months now with 0 memory leaks and 0 outstanding bugs known to date. MyBic has been successfully flying in some of the worlds top aircraft with 0 supervision in kiosk based devices.

A major addition to this release is the firebug debugger support. The ZIP Download now contains a firefox extension that when installed with firebug allows you to send PHP debug data directly to firebug! Please see this post for more information: [url]http://www.litfuel.net/plush/?postid=164[/url]

I will be documenting exactly how to play around with the mybic debugger. The basic overview is that you'll be able to call the $mybic->render() function and have a nested tree show up in firebug with all your profile and debug data. I've been using it for the past month and it's saved me a ton of time. Enough with the var_dumps!

I tried accessing my intranet this morning at work. Since I'm on a mac I'm kinda screwed eh?

Pure ignorance I suppose, led me to believe seal clubbing was banned years ago. I had foolishly thought mankind had done something positive by banning the practice of clubbing and skinning seals for their fur. Apparently, this practice is still alive and well and actually being increased in Canada. If you actually have an ounce of compassion you'll visit the site below and help take action. In this day and age animals shouldn't need to be removed from the planet in the name of fashion.


If you wish to help promote the cause:

I've just interviewed probably my 200th php/web candidate during the past three years that I've been involved with staffing. I've come up with some criteria that I look for to get a real "senior" level developer position filled. I'd say 98% of people don't seem to meet even half the criteria. How many do you meet?

Without further delay, here they are:

PHP5 vs PHP4

I'm heading out on a trip tomorrow on my boat to Catalina island off the California coast. The official website I was checking out was very nicely laid out. Everything was nice and clean. So you know what? I decided to email the staff and let them know they did a great job on the website. (how many times do people actually compliment you on your site???). So I filled out the form, wrote a nice comment and hit submit:

The page you tried was not found. You may have used an outdated link or may have typed the address (URL) incorrectly. You might find what youíre looking for in one of the following areas:

ain't Irony a bitch?

PHP Meet FireBug - PHP Debugging for the Web 2.0 World

I put together a couple pieces of technology to give the PHP community a debugger/profiler that should make life easier in the "web2.0" world. Are you tired of echo'ing print statements in your ajax calls? Writing to log files? Firing up big ol debuggers just to see what the value of some array is? Well look no further than the new MyBic PHP Debugger.

It prints to the screen, it writes to log files and yes folks, it can send data from the server to firebug. All you need is the MyBic firefox extension and firebug installed. It can read in an xml file directly, render objects as trees, multidimensional arrays, etc. It has a profiler so you can write profile statements to try and spot bottlenecks that might be in your scripts.

A guy at my work was noticing my comfortable footrest I had under my desk. He had recently hurt his back and need to improve his comfort level at work. He then went on to request a footrest from our manager. Here is the response our director received afterwards:

"Good Afternoon, Tom, An ergonomic assessment was recently completed for Andrew Curry by Michael Stateman. It has been determined that the employee needs a foot rest. Please have Andrew purchase/order this item in the way your department usually orders office supplies."

WTF??? an "ergonomic assessment" for a $20 piece of plastic? I don't want to even calculate how much money it really costs when you add up the "ergonomic assessment" time. Time a developer has to explain to some idiot why he wants a foot rest, some idiot to look at his posture, the director to have to even waste time reading the email. It just became a $400 item. This is why big companies fall. They become so big, bloated and slow, everything is a process and a pain. It is the cycle that allows small, hungry, agile companies to come bite them in the ass.

I now have code running on planes somewhere in the world at 30,000 feet in the sky. Please don't be alarmed, I can't crash your plane ;)

Although, I should put some easter eggs in that the php community can enjoy when they fly. When I first started here at Panasonic I was overwhelmed with the amount of resources that actually go into an in-flight entertainment system. Video/Audio departments, how studios actually charge for the ability to show their movies. The Q/A Process alone is pretty interesting. You never quite think about what your web server should do when it senses turbulence(almost everything is written to RAM to prevent data loss in case of turbulent disk writes).

The downside to the system is the unbelievably slow hardware I have to deal with(233mhz, no video drivers). The main interface with the customer is via a touch screen LCD monitor. I work on the crew side, so my applications are developed so the crew can control the system. They can assign video/audio, make announcements, they can see when you press that little button to bug them. I was able to make sure we used Firefox as our Kiosk web browser. I had some experience with the platform and knew the power that Firefox could bring to the table.

Firebug is a must know tool for web developers now. If you've heard of it but haven't had time to play around with it please look at these videos to see what you're missing out on. The first tutorial covers an introduction to debugging ajax applications with firebug. The second tutorial shows you how you can manipulate CSS live on your webpage without having to change code, reload, change code, reload. I hope people will find this useful. I would also suggest you head over to http://www.getfirebug.com and make a donation to Joe for all his hard work on this amazing extension.

I have the videos in two formats. One is a link to youTube, and the other is a better quality downloadable Quicktime file.

I recently got an upgrade from work to an intel macbook pro. So there I go, starting to set up my favorite programs when all the sudden WTF? Zend Studio Server doesn't run on intel macs. Huh? Hasn't every program in the world been changed to work on intel macs now? The only reason I was still using this bloated application was for remote debugging php scripts in ajax calls. It's so slow I really can't use it on a full time basis. I use textmate for that purpose.

So there I was in disbelief that I couldn't use my x hundreds of dollar program on my new mac. So the search began... what could I use to debug scripts like Zend? It was then, out of the fog came a beacon of light...Komodo. I found an amazing post here: http://www.sysarchitects.com/node/22

that explained exactly how to get debugging working in Komodo. I was sold. I fired it up, did all the configuration and away I went. It's so much more nimble than Zend Studio. I haven't really dug into all the advanced features but it does exactly what I need. I might even start using it on a more full time basis.